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Accessible, anonymous, and confidential complaint management platform (whistleblowing) serving those at work and at play


ALIAS offers an easy-to-implement powerful whistleblowing hot-line and secure-web based platform for preventing and detecting wrongdoings amongst employees and stakeholders, combining an optimal mix of SaaS based reporting delivery, and live/telephonic counselling.  Our suite of services range from complaint intake, policy creation, admissibility assessment, case management – through stages of investigation, mediation, resolution, client reporting, and so much more.


What types of reports are collected by ALIAS?


Any wrongdoing, malicious or unethical behavior, as well as any complaints or concerns. Examples include: 

  • Psychological harm
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Racism
  • Breach of code of ethics, laws and regulations
  • Theft

After ALIAS receives a report, who analyzes it?

ALIAS automatically notifies you of the receipt of a new report, allowing quick access to all the information. ALIAS can assist you in managing the information according to your desired processes and policy.

The platform allows for bidirectional, confidential and anonymous (if desired) communication with the person initiating the report (complainant).

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Features that ensure a successful reporting mechanism

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

Service in English and French;

Centralizes reports received by phone and online for easy follow up;

The author of the report can submit documents via the online platform.